Egg Roll

1. Knead 1 cup moida into dough for base.

2. Use milk or buttermilk to make it crisper.

3. Add moyen in the form of oil or melted butter or ghee, salt to taste.

4. Cover with moist cloth and keep aside for half an hour to help
raise the dough.

5. In the meantime you can gather other ingredients.

6. Beat 4 eggs in a bowl, add chopped onions , green chillies,
tomatoes (optional), bell peppers, chopped coriander.

7. Roll out dough into 6 inches diameter paratha. Pour a few drops of
oil in the non-stick pan and place paratha on heated pan.

8. As the lower side is being done pour 2-3 tablespoons egg batter on
the upper side. Cook on medium high heat.

9. Once lower side seems done- and you will smell the gorgeous aroma-
flip the parotha over.Cook for few more minutes.

10. Roll and serve hot!! Garnish with fresh ground paper with cabbage,
onion, pepper salad spiced with lime juice.

Source: Mehendi Das

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