Dhania Mutton

We wish to share this favorite Bengali dish of ours with you. (We believe it is a Bengali dish, because we learned it from our Didi) Dhania leaves are also known as coriander leaves and cilantro or “dhone pata” in Bengali.

Ingredients :

Mutton (Goat meat) : 2 lbs
Dhania leaves: 4 bundles (standard bundles)
Garlic : 6 big cloves
Green Chili: 6 pieces
Oil: 4 Full Tablespoon
Salt: As required
Lemon Juice: 1/4 Table Spoon

Preparing the Mutton :

Wash it thoroughly four to five times. Shred the garlic into 2 pieces. Boil the mutton with garlic pieces so that the mutton become soft. Then take out the mutton pieces from the boiled water and keep them in a separate place. Fry the mutton in sufficient oil, till it becomes reddish in color. Keep the fried mutton aside.

Prepare the Dhania Leaves :

Make a fine paste of all the Dhania leaves and green chillies with little salt.

Cooking :

Heat the oil left behind while frying the mutton and put the Dhania leaves-green chili paste. Fry them for 2 minutes in medium heat.
Add the mutton pieces one-by-one. Add salt as required. Stir and fry them for 5-7 minutes in medium heat.
At the end add the lemon juice and stir.
Don’t fry and dry it too much!!!! Make sure that there is enough gravy (of dhania paste) to eat with roti 🙂

Hope you will enjoy this dish.

Source: Nirmalendu and Sagarika Das

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