Bangladeshi Khashir (Pathar) Jhol

The following is a traditional family recipe. It is tedious but worth trying. To get the real aroma of well-cooked goat you must go through the following long but fruitful process.


Goat Meat 2lbs (Medium or Small pieces)
Onion 2 Medium (thinly sliced)
Tomato 1 (sliced)
Potato 2 Big (4-8 slice per potato based on your taste)
Plain Yogurt ½ cup (or sour cream)
Garlic 1.5 table spoon (paste)
Ginger 2 table spoon (paste)
Turmeric ¾ table spoon (ground)
Cumin 1 table spoon (dry roasted ground)
Coriander ¾ table spoon (ground
Red Chilly 1 table spoon (ground)
Bay Leaf One or Two
Nutmeg Powder ½ tea spoon (not required but will enhance the aroma)
Mace ½ tea spoon (not required but will enhance the aroma)
Cardaman 5/6 (whole)
Cinnamon ½ table spoon
Clove 5/6 (whole)
Salt as per taste
Cooking Oil ½ cup
Lemon Pepper Powder ½ tea spoon (not required but will enhance the aroma)
One tea spoon fresh lemon juice & ½ tea spoon crushed black pepper powder


• Mix the potato slice with one tea spoon of salt and ½ tea spoon turmeric
powder and fry it in oil till they become golden brown. Keep them aside.

• Fry the onions in the Kadai (Deep Pan) till they turn golden. Add bay leaf,
ginger & garlic paste, turmeric, red chilly, coriander, mace and nutmeg powder.
Fry the mixture for about two minute in medium heat. Add goat meat, mix with
mixture and fry it for approx. five minutes. Add tomato and yogurt, mix them
properly and fry the whole till the oil leaves masala (bhuna)

• Add 2 cups of water, potato slices, whole cardaman (split) and cloves in the
mixture cooked above. Transfer the whole thing in a pressure cooker. Cook it in
low/medium heat for 6/7 whistles.

• Open the lid of the cooker. Add cumin, cinnamon and lemon pepper and simmer it
for 5/10 minutes.

• Serve it with hot plain rice/polao/nan/porata and salad.

Source: Susmita Ghosh

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  1. Well, as i am noastalgic about Bangladesh since my parents came from there. I loved the recipe but dont u think you added to much of masala any how i will definetly try this

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