Gajar Narkel Halua

Gajar narkel halua


1. 1kg gajar( carrot), shredded
2. 1 narkel( coconut), shredded
3. 3/4 kg ( or as u taste)
4. 1/2 ltr milk
5. whole garam masala( 4/5 elach, 3 darchini, 2 bay leaves)
6. raisin 10, pesta badam 10, kaju badam 5.almond 5 (soaked in hot water & sliced)
7. 1/2 cup milk pow
8. ghee, 2 tbl sp
9. Rose water 1tblsp.


  1. Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan, sprinkle garam masala, add shredded carrot & stir for few minutes(3/4 min), pour milk & cook till carrot gets soft, add shredded coconut, mix for 2/3 minutes, add sugar & stir continuously till it gets dissolved & mix milk pow for a minute or two.
  2. Before leaving the heat, add rose wate, raisin, stir.
  3. Halwa is done.
  4. Garnish with nuts( pista, almond, kaju).
  5. You can serve like this way but what i do is-grease one dish with a little ghee & spread the halwa evenly on the dish & cut into pieces. Let it be cool completely, then serve it on the table.
  6. This is very tasty.

Source: Zahinul

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