Pui Shaag Chingri Chorchori


500 gms Pui Sag,
250 gms Shripms, Deveined;
4 tbsps mustard oil,
1 tsp turmeric powder,
salt to taste,
2 tbs mustard seeds, ground to a paste
8 dry chillies


1. Fry the shrimps in hot mustard oil till brown. Keep aside.
2. Separate the leaves of the saag from the stems. Cut the stems into 2-inch bits and fry in the oil for about a minute. Drain and keep aside.
3. Fry the paste, add turmeric, then add the leaves.
4. Continue frying till the water edges out from the leaves of the Pui.
5. Add the Shrimps and salt. Cook for another 5 min. Serve hot with plain rice.

Source: Monika Sarkar

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