Tetuler achaar (Bengali Tamarind Pickle)

Tetuler achaar (Bengali Tamarind Pickle)

  1. Take the required amount of tetul.
  2. Add gur, some green chilies or red chili powder, mustard paste, mustard oil, and if required a little amount of salt for taste.
  3. You can add some fried mouri, whole or ground for flavor.
  4. Marinate tetul with the ingredients and leave it in the sunlight everyday for about a week for it to bake naturally.
  5. When the sauce becomes thick and sticks with the tetul, it is done. Add amounts according to taste.

Source: Sonali Ghosh

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  1. apnara nijerai to bangla te recipes den na, bangla te recipe dile bujhte shubidha hoy.

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