Home made ghee

Home made ghee


  1. Unsalted butter–6-8 sticks.


  1. Heat a non stick cooking pan and put all the butter sticks into it.
  2. Keep the flame or coil in low.(Lowest possible)
  3. First there will be lot of bubbles but slowly they will stop to form.
  4. Then some brown granules will start precipitating. Later the smell of ghee will start to come.
  5. This process takes 90 mins approximately.
  6. Strain and store in a jar.


  1. If the heat is more then the ghee will have burnt smell and it won’t turn out good. So keep the flame at the lowest possible position.
  2. Don’t stir or do anything. Every thing will be happening one after another.

Standard time–90 mins.

Sarita Misra

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