Pepe diye mangshor jhol

Pepe diye mangshor jhol

This is one of my all-time favourites which reminds me of lazy sunday lunches back home.


1) Mutton (marinated in yogurt and a little garam masala)
2) Onions (2, diced)
3) Tomatoes (3 small, chopped)
4) Papaya (cut into wedges)
5) Potato (cut into wedges)
6) Green chilli, sliced
7) Ginger paste (1 tablespoon)

Masala Mixture:

1) Powder: Dhania, Geera, Turmeric, Chilli
2) Whole: Cardamom, Bay leaves, Pepper, Cinnamon sticks


1) In some heated oil, add the whole spices till spluttering reduces.
2) Add the onions and a pinch of sugar and stir occasionally.
3) Once onions are half-cooked, add the chopped tomatoes and ginger.
4) Add a little bit of salt and lower the heat.
5) Add the masala mixture and continue stirring occasionally.
6) Once oil starts to separate from the masala (sign that it is cooked), add the marinated mutton. Stir well to ensure even coating of mutton by masala mixture.
7) Continue to stir over a low flame. Patience adds taste to this dish!
8) When mutton is half-cooked, add salt.
9) Then the pre-fried potatoes and raw papayas are added.
10) If using a pressure cooker, put on the lid and keep on low heat till about 3 whistles!

Source: Lipika Bhattacharya

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