Kal Nugget

Whenever friends visit Kal’s house, Kal offers them “Kal Nugget” with whisky and/or other cocktails along with the sauce made from coriander leaves (dhone pata), green chilli, salt, sugar & tamarind (tetul).

“Kal Nugget” does not loose its taste even if it is kept in frozen condition for 2 months or more.  Therefore, for those days when you don’t feel to cook, just heat up the frozen Kal Nuggets in microwave and with bread or left over “Vaat” this can be a good dinner !  Of course a combination of “daal”, “vaat” and Kal Nugget will be better.

Here’s what you need to make “Kal Nugget” :-

1.  3-4 lbs of Chicken (any portion will do).
2.  1 lb of chopped onion
3.  1  tea spoon of garlic powder
4.  2″ length of chopped ginger root
5.  2-4 tea spoons of ground red chilli powder
6.  1 tea spoon of corriander powder
7.  1 tea spoon of cumin powder
8.  1 tea spoon of cardimon (choto elaach) powder
9.  1/2 lb of potato flakes (buy it from any super market).
10.  4-6 large eggs.
11.  Vegetable oil to fry the nuggets.


1.  Pull the skin & fat off the chicken.  Then bake the chicken in microwave oven for about 15 mins under cover.  Alternately, boil the chicken in low heat for 20 mins or cook in a pressure cooker with enough water for about 3-5 mins.  In any case, get the bones off.

2.  Chop the cooked chicken meat to 1/4″ size and mix it up with all other ingredients.  Add potato flakes at the very last.  You may not need the entire 1/2 lb flakes.  Just add enough so that the mixture does not appear to be wet.

3.  Make nugget shapes – flat round, flat square, round ball, egg shape, whatever.

4.  Fry in vegetable oil till the surface appears to be brown.

5.  Serve it in warm condition with hot sauce (better with the one mentioned above).

Source: Kalyan Majumdar

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