Bengali Beef Keema

1) DEFROST 2lbs of Ground beef.

2) Wash the meat throughly. Make sure you drain the excess water out of it.

3) Chop 4 onions, take 4 table-spoons of oil (depending upon the person), and start cooking the onions on low heat.

4) Add 2 cloves, cardamons, 2 cinnamon sticks, and 1 whole bay leaf.

5) Slowly cook until the onions start to change colour

6) add 1 table-spoon of:
(a) Turmeric
(b) Cumin
(c) Corriander
(d) Garlic
(e) Ginger
and 2 table-spoon of Red chili.

7) Slowly cook for a couple of minutes on high temperature, do not forget to add a little bit of water. Make sure you don’t add too much water since the washed ground meat will contain plenty of it.

8) Add the meat and continue cooking for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour on medium heat. Add Salt.

9) 15-20 minutes before finishing up, add sliced potatoes or tomatoes.

Source: Rahee Hafiz

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