Kochur loti diye ilish macher matha

Kochur loti diye ilish macher matha


  1. Ilish macher matha—2(medium size)
  2. Kochur loti–1 bundle(after buying the loti,open the bundle and dry for a day)
    Chola–1tbsp(soaked the prevous night)
  3. grated coconut—1/2 coconut should be grated.
  4. Green chillies—–4(depending on how hot you like)
  5. Panch phoron—1/4 tsp
  6. tumeric powder
  7. salt to taste
  8. oil—-3 tbps


  1. Cut the loti the night before you cook into 1″ long pieces and soak them overnight in water.
  2. Clean the fish head. Do not wash many times because illish mach becomes very smelly with more washing. Rub tumeric powder and salt on the fish head and fry it in oil.
  3. Mustard oil is the best choice because this dish tastes delicious with mustard oil but any other oil will also do.
  4. Fry the fish head lightly and keep aside. Discard this oil. Take a wok/karai and put 1 tbsp of oil in it.
  5. When the oil is hot put the panchphoron in the oil and let it splutter. You will get a lovely aroma of the phoron.
  6. To this add, 2 green chillies (slit lengthwise) and the pre-soaked chola. Stir for about 2 mins. Then add 1/2 the grated coconut and the fish head.
  7. Cook for 3-5 mins. Next add the loti, remaining chillies, grated coconut, salt and tumeric powder. Keep stirring with a spatula. Keep the fire medium.
  8. Do not add any water because water will come out from the loti. Stirring should be continued till all the waster dries up.
  9. Then add 1 cup of water and let it cook till all the water has dried and the fish head is soft.
  10. Finally, add a pinch of ground roasted panchphoron and your dish is ready. Serve with hot rice.

Source: Tanusri Mukherjee

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