Kumror Chhokka (and its variations)

Kumror Chhokka (and its variations)


  1. Butternut squash (or equivalent),
  2. potato,
  3. chana,
  4. turmeric,
  5. salt,
  6. dried red chili,
  7. oil,
  8. panch foron,
  9. cumin seeds and
  10. sugar.


  1. Soak chana overnight and boil to make them soft.
  2. Peel squash and cut into small pieces (say around 1″ cube size).
  3. Slice potatoes around 1″ cube size (leave the skin on if they are fresh and clean).
  4. Heat oil, add dried red chili (you may break them in half, depending on their size).
  5. When chili turns blackish, add panch-foron, let them crackle (but not burn).
  6. Quickly add squash and potato. Stir. Add salt, turmeric. Stir and cover.
  7. Don’t let the squash stick to the bottom of the pan (should use sufficient oil).
  8. Add sugar and chana around midway.
  9. In another pan roast cumin seeds and grind in coffee grinder.
  10. When the squash becomes soft and mushy and potatoes are cooked add freshly-ground-cumin-powder.
  11. Turn off the heat. Quickly mix in the cumin powder and it’s ready to serve!

Quite good with chapathi, you may serve with rice also.

For its variations one might add other vegetables along with the squash
and potatoes. Some suggestions are: Zucchini, yams, carrots etc.

Source: Ashis Maity

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