Palak Panneer

  1. Boil the `palak’ (spinach leaves) with a little cut onion, ginger, garlic, green chillies, tomato and broccoli (optional) and little turmeric powder. Pressure cook it, give 4-5 whistles not more than that.
  2. Add little water (not too much) when you boil them.
  3. Take it out from the pressure cooker and let it get little cold then blend it in a mixture (do not put water when you blend it).
  4. In a vessel heat oil and fry the panneer (it should become very light brown) and keep it separate.
  5. Heat oil, put small cut onions and fry it properly. After that add little small cut ginger, garlic and tomato and fry them properly.
  6. Add the mix.
  7. Keep the gas in sim when you add the mixture and continuously stir the palak mixture. When the leafy smell does not come anymore you will know that it is cooked. More you stir more tasty the vegetable becomes. Add the fried panneer, and stir for some time.
  8. Add butter and ghee in the end for a good smell and to taste good.

Source: Supratim and Ipshita Sanyal

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