Goat Meat Curry

1. Marinate the meat overnight with sour cream or yogurt.

2. Chop onion, grind ginger and garlic.

3. Boil oil, add garam masala. Fry garlic first, then add chopped onion and ginger. Fry until brown. Add turmeric and chili powder.

4. Add marinated meat. Stir for half-an-hour or until the onions dissolve completely (should add salt at some point half-way). You may add tomato paste for color.

5. Add water and boil. Should take a while for the meat to cook. (Please check any recipe book for quantitative measurement, should you care).

This recipe may seem rather non-extravagant but here’s a word of wisdom from my Ma regarding cooking: If you cook with your heart, it tastes better..no matter how simple your preparation is 🙂

Source: Ashis Maity

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