Kal Pasta

Kal’s wife Nandita named this dish as “Kal Pasta” because Kal discovered this tasteful healthy dish for easy going, lazy meal makers and variety food lovers.

To cook a meal for 3, what you will need:
1.  1 table spoon of veg oil
2.  1 tea spoon of garlic powder
3.  1 tea spoon of black pepper (or red chili)
4.  1 tea spoon of Corn Starch
5.  1 large onion
6.  1 lb frozen Japanese Blend vegetable
7.  1 lb  (or more) of any meat
8.  1/2 lb of any pasta (or noodles)
9.  3-4 tea spoon of Soya sauce.


1.  Cut the meat in 1/2″ pieces & boil with plenty of water until the meat is tender.  You may use pressure cooker for 10+ mins.  Drain the water later.

2.  Boil Pasta (or noodle) with plenty of water (3 times by volume). You may use pressure cooker for 2+ mins.  Drain the water later.

3.  Chop the onion to pieces & fry it in medium heat on a large fry pan.

4.  When the onion becomes soft (color still white), add the spices, and then while stirring add the boiled meat and then add the frozen vegetable.  Finally add the boiled pasta.

5.  Keep stirring till the vegetable color changes. Do not over cook.

6.  Add 3-4 tea spoon of Soya sauce (sprinkle it from the bottle, till the food surface appears wet).  Most Soya sauce is very salty. That’s why you may not need any additional salt.

7.  Heat 1/2 cup water in microwave, and add Corn Starch & stir. Pour this pasty liquid in the pan & stir.

8.  Serve it in warm condition. You may use microwave to heat up before serving.

Source: Kalyan Majumdar

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